patent drafting – not for everyone !

Patent Drafting

…….is not to be taken lightly !

Indeed, the US Supreme Court said this way far back in 1892 !

Topliff v. Topliff  145 U.S. 156 (1892), US Supreme Court

Decided May 2, 1892

“The specification and claims of a patent, particularly if the invention be at all complicated, constitute one of the most difficult legal instruments to draw with accuracy, and in view of the fact that valuable inventions are often placed in the hands of inexperienced persons to prepare such specifications and claims, it is no matter of surprise that the latter frequently fail to describe with requisite certainty the exact invention of the patentee, and err either in claiming that which the patentee had not in fact invented or in omitting some element which was a valuable or essential part of his actual invention.

So, ALWAYS a good idea -if you are serious about getting a Patent- to work with the right people and listen to their advice !

Curious to know what this case was and how it turned out ? See :

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